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CATHOLIC ONLINE, located at, gives the largest and broadest population of Catholics worldwide easy access to comprehensive, educational and timely information about Catholicism, and provides a range of easy methods to integrate their faith into their daily lives. This site also gives a personalized listing of patron saints and intercessors which can be found here:

CORAZONES, found at provides a list of patron saints and intercessors in Spanish.

GROUND DOGS, Art and iconography of M. E. Bilisnansky-McMorrow. The site includes links to the websites of various sacred art artists and iconographers plus articles about The Spanish Market.

RANCHO DE CHIMAYÓ COLLECTION, located in Sena Plaza in downtown Santa Fe, specializes in historic and contemporary pottery, jewelry, paintings and more. The gallery is dedicated to the preservation of Native American and Spanish culture through the arts. It represents many of the most talented Native American and Spanish artists in the Southwest.

is run by my own family. The restaurant is my grandfather's house, where my mom was born. In August 1984, the Jaramillo family completed restoration of Hacienda Rancho de Chimayó, Epifanio and Adelaida Jaramillo’s home. Their home has been lovingly renovated into seven guest rooms. Each room opens onto an enclosed courtyard and within each room one finds turn of the century antiques, a private bath, a quiet sitting area and fireplace.



  • The Móntez Family
  • Móntez Gallery's Staff
  • Services offered for appraisals of Christian art, and biography of the appraiser, Rey Móntez.
  • Angels This section includes angels of all kinds as well as the original artwork of Fernando Bimonte, Frank Brito, Charlie Carrillo (also includes reproductions of the angels of Charlile Carrillo), Susanna Chávez, Armando Garcia, Tomas Gonzales, David Nabor Lucero, The Madrid Family, Rúben Manetti, Pete Ortega, Alcario Otero, Miguel Ángel Pérez, José Hernández Reyna, Eliseo Rodríguez, Ellen Santistevan, Mark Santistevan, and Horacio Valdez Also included are antique angels including laminas/retablos, bultos and angel paintings.

  • Contemporary Bultos This includes the work of artists Fernando Bimonte, Frank Brito, Charlie Carrillo, Luís Casaus, Susanna Chávez, Gloria López Cordova, Tom Danahy, Armando Garcia, Roberto Gonzales, Tomas Gonzales, Eleazar Huerta, Ricardo López, George López, David Nabor Lucero, Rúben Manetti, Chris Maya, Ben Ortega, Pete Ortega, Carlos José Otero, Miguel Ángel Pérez, Ricardo Quintana, Alfredo Rodríguez, José Hernández Reyna, Virginia María Romero, Carmela María Roybal, Ernesto Salazar, Leo Salazar, Don León Sandoval, Ellen Santistevan, Mark Santistevan, Elmer Shupe, María Luísa Tejero, John Tollardo, Horacio Valdez, Art Vigil.

  • Contemporary Retablos This section includes the work of artists Andrea Barros, Fernando Bimonte, Marie Romero Cash, Charlie Carrillo, James Cordova, Melpo M. Difotis, Grace María Garcia Dobson, Donaldo, Chris Cross Y Gallegos, John M. Gallegos, Goldie Garcia, José Lucero, David Nabor Lucero, Chris Maya, Rey Móntez, Daniel Montoya, Marilyn Moyes, Arturo Olivas, Guadalupita Ortiz, Alcario Otero, Bernadette Pino, Carlos Rael, Marcos Ramos, Alfredo Rodríguez, Eliseo Rodríguez, Adam Romero, Julian Romero, Virginia María Romero, Eduardo Sánchez, Ellen Santistevan, Arlene Cisneros Sena, Edwin J. Vigil, Gave Vigil, Gilbert Vigil and contemporary Mexican retablos.

  • Crosses Both original and manufactured crosses are found here. The original crosses of artists Carlton Gallegos, Carlos Rael, and Rudy Martinez Lucero and Kawana stained glass, pewter and milagro crosses are included.

  • Ex-Votos

  • Frida Kahlo Gift Items Many gifts with images of Frida Kahlo are offered here, including items such as aprons, nichos, and cosmetic purses.

  • Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Includes a large number of Our Lady of Guadalupe gift items such as aprons and cosmetic pouches, and original art paintings, retablos, and bultos by various santeros and santeras.

  • Gift Items View a growing number of gift items including Day of the Dead aprons

  • Guatemalan Bultos

  • Nativities Both original and reproduction nativity scenes are included from various countries such as the Philippines, Russia, and Mexico (Oxaca). Original work includes artists Frank Brito, Charlie Carrillo (reproductions), Miguel Ángel Pérez, Alfredo Rodríguez, Ricardo López, and Art Vigil.

  • Ornaments Various styles of ornaments are included.

  • Paintings Includes the original works of artists Fernando Bimonte, Ivon Cuzco, Alfredo Diaz, William Garcia, Anita Romero Jones and Marta Ochoa.

  • Religious Art Various items of religious nature are included in this section.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHIES - Includes the biographies of the following artists:

HISTORY AND ARTICLES - History of New Mexican art, current articles of interest

  • Information about patron saints and angels
  • Monthly calendar list of popular Hispanic saints and angels
CONTACT INFORMATION - How to reach Móntez Gallery